Food Machineries


Vacuum Bowl Cutter is a high-tech product based on our years of experience. The main body and surface are made of high-quality stainless steel, reasonable structure, high machining accuracy, easy operation and maintenance. It realizes full protein abstraction and abundant combination of additives and water.

* High-quality Stainless Steel, solid, durable and hygienic.

* Advanced PLC &HMI (Human-Machine Interface) control system (For Type II).

* Temperature, Time and Bowl revolution can be displayed and controlled. It ensures the best chopping time control.

* Knife speed: 125I is Frequency conversion 300-4500rpm; 200I is 200/1800/3600rpm; 200II is Frequency conversion 300-4200rpm; 330I/II is Frequency conversion 300-3600rpm.

* The distance between knife tip and bowl can be 1.0-1.5mm, which guarantees the best result of chopping & mixing.

* Key parts such as Knives, Bearings, Frequency convertors, PLC, HMI and Electric elements remain world-top quality.

* Frequency conversion applied in operation contributes to energy conservation by 30%.

* 200II/330I/330II are equipped with air conditioner for electric cabinet to maintain frequency convertor’s safe and stable operating.

* 125I has no hydraulic loading device.