Food Machineries


The RVF 540 is designed for small and medium meat-processing businesses as well as larger, sometimes highly specialized, processing units. It comes with touchscreen controls as standard and guarantees operators easy use in all application.

The smooth and hygienically design housing of significantly smaller size than the 700 series is self-supporting and completely made from stainless steel. The extra robust vane cell feed system ensures the greatest portioning precision with maximum working time. The feed system is of the same size as that in the 700 series and thus ensures that all charges are transported as gently as possible without any squashing, squeezing or tearing, especially for larger sausage meat charges or larger pieces of meat. The feed systems come with 16, 14 or 6 vanes, or optionally with blind vanes.

As an option, the RVF 540 can be supplied in combination with a conventional loading device. Hoppers are available in a range of sizes appropriate for the size of business. The following hopper sizes are available:

· 150 litre hopper
· 250 litre hopper hinged
· 350 litre hopper hinged

It goes without saying that the RVF 540 can always be fitted with a rotating or rigid case holding device to make it easier to twist off artificial or natural sausage skins.