Food Machineries


Frozen Meat Flaker  CDQ200                                                  


The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel.




1. Drum-type plane cutter, Frozen Meat Cutter CDQ200 cut the raw material frozen meat block to small pieces, prepare for the next processing procedure, bowl cutter or meat grinder.


Max input size: 600*400*190mm

After cutting meat pieces size: width 100mm, height 5mm/10mm


2. Change the arch shape knife to adjust the cutting thickness.


3. Safe feed-in system.

 The feeding part is equipped with the self-protection device, can ensure the operator safety;

During the feeding-in, lifting and slicing, the worker will not contact with the feed-in bin, it improves the machine’s safety greatly.


4. Multi-direction Skip Car installment. Only needs to change the cross girder connection, the skip car could be put in to the discharge hole from the front, left and right side. It’s quite helpful for the whole workshop arrangement.


5. Surface of the machine surface are sheet metal fabricated, inclined angel design so there will be no water residual when clean the machine.


6. The motor connect with the shaft directly, no chain, no belt, no gear. This design makes the machine powerful and strong, not easy to breakdown.




Frozen Meat Flaker/Cutter/Slicer CDQ200 is the pre-procedure of meat grinder or bowl cutter.

It slices big frozen meat block (-18 Celcius degree) to small pieces. It saves much processing time for meat grinder or bowl cutter.