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TG In Surimi Products

BIOBOND™TG in surimi products


Biobond™ Transglutaminase(TG) has widely applications in most system of foods which contain protein, such as surimi based products(fish ball, fish cake, imitation crabsticks, etc)

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1.Benefit include:

◎Texture improvement

◎Cost reduction( surimi replacement, increase water )

◎Retort resistance

◎Shorten suwari period


2.How to use Biobond TG series 




3.Use Advise

◎Desired physical properties can be created by controlling the Biobond TG addition level, reaction time (setting time), and reaction temperature. It is possible to make firmer and more elastic surimi products using a longer setting time.

◎Keep sample packages in a cool and dry place.Once opened,reseal unused product-preferably airproof-and store at or below 5℃(refrigerate or freeze)