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TG In Sausage

Standardization of Emulsified Sauasge Production with Biobond™TG-MG

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Transglutaminase (TG), under the brand name of Biobond , is an original product of Shanghai Kinry Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

BiobondTMTG-MG  is predominantly used for texture improvement of emulsified sausages. During the enzyme induced reaction, the formation of covalent bonds between the naturally contained amino acid residues lysine and glutamine builds up a stable protein network.

This network significantly increases the firmness and along with it the preferred "Knack" effect highly appreciated by consumers. Even cheaper recipes can effectively be improved in their sensory profile with the help of the BiobondTMTG-MG preparation. Especially canned sausages, which often show an unpleasantly soft bite, show tremendous texture improvements and ideal mouth-feel after pasteurization. 

The increased firmness also leads to higher stability and less deformation during industrial slicing of the end products. The forces needed for thin slices are reached with less product deformation and ingredients like meat pieces, mushrooms and others remain stable in the product matrix. Reduced machine downtimes and continuous production processes improve overall productivity.