Food Ingredients

TG In Milk Products

BIOBOND™TG-YG IN milk products

Yogurt Application´╝Ü 

    ♦ Improving the creaminess and viscosity of yogurt. 

    • BiobondTMTG-YG optimizes thickening in dairy products and ensures improved archeological stability during storage.                                                         There is an optimal level of TG for each formulation 

   • Effective in lower solids yogurt formulations. 

   ♦ Maintaining texture while allowing the reduction in Solids Non Fat 
   • With less solid non-fat content, viscosity levels are higher in yogurt treated with TG than in an untreated control. 

   ♦ Reduces or eliminate stabilizer systems 
   • Because viscosity is increased, it may be possible to reduce or even eliminate some stabilizer systems in certain yogurt formulations by using BiobondTMTG-YG. 
   • Ingredient label may be simplified. 

 Reduces Syneresis 

   • BiobondTMTG-YG  can reduce serum separation in yogurt because it improves  the water holding capacity of the gel.

Cheese Applications

   Cheese Manufacture Transglutaminase has the potential to increase the yield of curd in the cheese manufacturing process. Because of a more efficient reaction with milk, BiobondTMTG-YG  has the potential to capture more protein from the whey during the cheese manufacturing process. 

Other Dairy Products

   •BiobondTMTG-YG  has potential to modify the texture, mouth-feel, and yield characteristics in other dairy products.