Friday, 09/02/2018

Lamb Sausage


  4      kg  Fatty Lamb Shoulder

  1      kg  Lamb with  5 % fat

  15    gr   Enzym TG TX0

   0.5  kg   Emulmix

  80    gr   Salt

  80    gr   1703 FRS-01

  20    gr   Rosemary leaves

  30    gr   Garlic powder

  10    gr    Black pepper

   2      kg  Ice  



  1. Cut the lamb shoulder and fat into small pieces ( frozen meat cutter )  that will easily fit into your meat grinder, removing any sinew from the meat as you go.
  2. In a  bowl cutter  combine the meat and fat with the enzyme , ice and emulmix than put all other ingredients  to mix.
  3. After the mixing and cutting place the dough in vacuum filler machine
  4. Choose the right caliber and type of the sausage casing , we recommend cal 23 collagen casing.
  5. After the filling operation finish, hang the sausage and put in to the smoking and cooking chamber.
  6. Set the smoking and cooking program
  7. Take out the sausage and do the precool and cooling the sausage
  8. The Sausage is ready

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