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    Lamb Sausage     4      kg  Fatty Lamb Shoulder   1      kg  Lamb with  5 % fat  …

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  • Closer Look At Transglutaminase

      Get to know Tranglutaminase Enzyme better!   Since the discovery of this enzyme a few decades ago, Transglutaminase still has a lot…

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  • Fungsi Transglutaminase Di Dalam Industri Pengolahan Daging

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  • Advantages Of Adding Fiber To Meat Products

      Today in Indonesia, we can see that so many products of meat in dry and wet market (bakso/meatball, sausages, nuggets, etc). It means the consumption of meat products is increasing…

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  • Our Services

    PT DUA MITRA KERJASAMA which is known using brand OLAH MAKAN INDONESIA has wide range of services and specialties in:   1. Human resource management Assist…

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